Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New projects

School is out, days are long and I have started sewing again :)
Sewing makes me happy. For many reasons. First, as a creative outlet. If I go long periods of time without creating things (of any medium) I tend to feel stifled, stiff and get crabby. Also, when I make things its gratifying to see nice finished products. Sort of an instant self esteem boost. I can look at a quilt or purse or whatever and stand back and think "I just made that" and then I smile. Then, I can give it to someone (or sell on etsy if I'm lucky) People generally appreciate handmade things. And I like to think that the stuff I make is fun. Lastly, when I sew or crochet or craft in some way, it relieves a little guilt from past crafty purchases. I have waaaaaaaay too much fabric, thread, patterns, zippers..... you get the point. I have at least 20 little stacks of coordinating items that were originally an intent. Little projects that have yet to be realized. They were bought, cut, organized and stacked. I dreamed them, envisioned the end result (and happiness) but, never started (or finished). So, when I complete a project, I feel a little better about the massive amount of unrequited inspirations. It also softens some of the sting and makes the original purchase seem worthwhile.

So here we go. Sewing again, YAY!

The intent here is to show some of my past creations, current projects and hopefully (if anyone reads this) describe some of the creative process and get some inspiration from others!

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