Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last week's little projects

So, last week I was inspired by some wall hangings I saw online and also decided to try paper piecing.
The first wall hanging was something that I actually started months ago and never finished. This was hanging in my sewing room waiting for borders and quilting, but I was backed up on other things, other projects and life in general. I had started it on a whim and really had no purpose in mind, so it was just a last priority project. But, last week when I dove back in to the piles of fabric and started sewing again, I picked it up and VIOLA....

This was a collection of scraps that I raw edge appliqued. Then did a crazy, random meandering design over the whole thing. I think its pretty cute and would look great in a little girl's room or bathroom :)

Then, while watching the kids new favorite movie Gnomeo and Juliet, I started thinking about garden gnomes. I love them!!! I did a little digging and found a paper pieced pattern for a gnome block. But I had never done paper piecing before and decided to wing it. Its not perfect and I think I will try again (now that I taught myself paper piecing....) But its still pretty darn cute!!

Is is supposed to be a gnome under a mushroom. However, my dad said it looks like a spike under a lamp... LOL I think if I try this pattern again (which a pillow has been requested by my son) I will round off the edges of the mushroom a little. I also didn't trim the seams very well and you can see them through the background. Even with its flaws, I still think its cute enough to hang in the kitchen!

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