Monday, August 1, 2011

New Quilt started...

So, as I mentioned before, I am addicted to Flickr. I will sit and look at pics of other people's quilts & crafts for most of the night. Like, I'm talking about sitting up until 3am looking at this stuff. Sometimes I get great ideas, sometimes I am just envious of other people's ideas and sometimes I am just in awe of the amount of talented people out there. Seriously, there are some master craftsmen and women making some wickedly awesome stuff.

Anywho, this weekend I had 2 inspirations. First, I am starting a pinwheel quilt.
I will be posting the progress as I go, and hopefully get my butt off the damn interwebs and up into the sewing room to make it vs. just talk about it.... Here are some inspirations:

So I had some assorted (yet coordinating) far quarters from some other unfinished  project and started cutting triangles at 1am last night. I got one square sewn.

1. the palate:

From the pics & tutorials I have been looking at, I decided I was going to do 4 colors of pinwheel (6 wheels each) for a total of 24 pinwheels. I thought the floral fabric would tie it all together, but was a little overwhelming, so I'm going to use it as sashing.

2. cut 6 squares of each pinwheel color (6in X 6in) and then cut them in half diagonally. Also, 24 squares (6in X 6in) of the lighter color. I chose cream. Also, cut them diagonally.

3. pinwheel assembly:

Sewing each triangle to its mate, with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I trimmed the corners, and sewed the top 2 squares together, then bottom 2, then joined top half to bottom half.

Here she is! Square One :) literally!!

6 of each of the 4 colors and I think I will lay them out 4 across the top by 6 squares in length. The square came out to be 10 inches after snipping the corners, so this will be a nice couch sized quilt when (if) its done!

The other inspiration from the craft-webs over the weekend was this:

I think that I will end up making some of these before the quilt is done :)
they are just too darn cute!!

I will keep updating the progress as I go along and take plenty of pics too!!!

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